Tel: (732) 363-1616 | Mail:

Tel: (908) 670-1596

Halachah Hotline

Shailos Hotline and Drop Off lines available 24 hours.

Calls are billed at 10¢ a minute.

180 minutes can be purchased for $18 using a credit card.

The following rules must be followed:

  • You agree to completely forgive, moichel and release the Bais Horaah from any mistaken or wrongful charges that may result from this system.
  • If you lose your pin you will not have access to your account and will forfeit any balance.
  • If you reach the Rav's voice mail please hang up immediately to avoid being charged. Charges begin when your call is connected.

Refunds are not provided for any purchase or portion thereof.

Shailos Drop Off

Shailos can be dropped off at any one of the following branch locations in Lakewood, NJ:

  • 1199 Cecil Court
  • 2 Kew Gardens Drive
  • 309 Central Avenue
  • 213 Pine Strett
  • 1193 West County Line Road
  • 417 Forest Avenue
  • 100 Nineth Street
  • 31 Arosa Hill Road
  • 11 Rimon Lane
  • 401 Park Avenue

The following rules should be followed:

  • Please place the shailos in the mailbox.
  • After dropping off a Shailah call the Drop Off line at (908) 670-1596 to confirm a drop off.
  • If no confirmation call is received, the shailos will not be retrieved.
  • Shailos should be labeled with initials and a phone number.
  • Shailos will be available for return for three days after a p'sak is rendered or until Erev Shabbos/Yom Tov after a p'sak is rendered - whichever comes first.
  • For personal appointments please call (908) 670-1596

Shailos dropped of without calling will not be examined.

For mail-in Shailos please call (908) 670-1596