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Welcome to the Bais Horaah

Since the destruction of European Jewry in the inferno of the holocaust, the American Jewish community has experienced a tremendous renaissance. Lakewood, being home to the largest rabbinical seminary in the world, has truly become the Torah capital of the Diaspora. Along with the beauty of thousands of young religiously committed couples however, comes the tremendous responsibility on the Rabbonim to serve their spiritual needs. Bais Horaah of Lakewood is stepping up to this awesome responsibility.

Rabbi Avrohom Aba Freundlich, Rosh Bais Horaah, founded the Bais Horaah of Lakewood in March 2006.

From a humble start with four Rabbonim, one location and a Lakewood Halacha phone line for several hours a day, today has grown and expanded to twenty Rabbonim eleven branch locations with a twenty-four hour international Halacha hotline. Phone calls to the hotline are from Lakewood, throughout the United States and from Israel, on the average of one every eight minutes. Pre-Yom Tov calls can average two per minute.

Why the twenty-four hour a day hotline?
Shailos often cannot wait. When a shailo can wait, many times piece of mind cannot. Also, medical emergencies may frequently require on the spot decisions. Unfortunately the time of day may often preclude the option of reaching your own Rav

The Bais Horaah is always there to help, answer and advise.